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Featured Project - Serenoa Lakes

June 2013

This project included some "major" renovations. The project manager called us in one the overall design was set but they had no idea how to make the electronics fit in. Based on the items in the before photo, we had our work cut out for us. We had a simple way to do it, but in keeping our customer's budget in mind, we utilized much of the existing equipment. The right cabinet contains a new Denon HDMI capable receiver, CD changer, power conditioner and speaker selector switch. The cable box is hidden it the drawer and we were left with no option for the BluRay player so it is on top. It was small enough that it did not stand out. Since the customer is always right, we utilized a balun system and located the VCR in the left cabinet with the subwoofer. Top it off with a Samsung smart TV, Monitor Audio Soundbar and a simple touchscreen remote and they are off and running.
Sarasota Home Theater